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Train with Cesar Millan at Fundamentals I


Have you ever wished that you and your dog could train with Cesar Millan? You can!

In Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I, Cesar Millan personally brings his exceptional insights into dog psychology to a hands-on training course ideal for dog owners and trainers alike.

Cost and Payment
$5,950 for one person with dog
$5,450 for one person without dog
Enjoy an automatic 10% early bird discount when you register at least 90 days before the program begins. Payment plan available.
Program Leader

Cesar Millan personally teaches all classroom and practical sessions, assisted by his Senior Pack Trainers. Read more...

California: Dog Psychology Center, Santa Clarita
Florida: Dog Psychology Center,
Fort Lauderdale

See below for dates and locations.

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Registration is open for the following sessions of Cesar’s Fundamentals I.

Date Location
May 09 - 14, 2018

New Registration Dates

Announcing the Fall 2018 Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I and II program dates.

Fundamentals I will be Sept. 12th - 17th in California.
Fundamentals I will be Nov. 28th - Dec. 3rd in Florida.
Fundamentals II will be Sept. 20th - 23rd in California.

Registration is coming soon. Please leave your name and email if you’d like us to notify you when registration is open.
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Training Cesar’s Way Team

What You'll Learn at Fundamentals I

In the five-day Fundamentals I program, you will learn Cesar’s profound approach to achieving balance and harmony with your dog from the Pack Leader himself.

  • The Building Blocks of Cesar’s Philosophy
  • The Four Worlds
  • The nature of Energy – and Dog Energy States
  • The differences between how dogs and humans experience the world

You’ll discover how to address and resolve problem behaviors with your dog, achieve calm and assertive leadership skills and share what you’ve learned with friends, family and clients. It’s immensely practical yet filled with the values and ideas that made Cesar the world’s most renowned dog behaviorist.