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Obedience Training I and II

Did you just adopt a dog? Do you and your older dog need to brush up on your skills? Our Obedience Course is just the ticket! It’s perfect for any dog of any energy level who is at least five months old.

All You Need to Know About Obedience Training I and II

What is it?
An on-leash obedience course emphasizing techniques for improving communication between you and your dog.

What you and your dog will learn:

This technique-focused Course will teach you how to use cues (verbal, gestures, energy and body language) to draw out your dog’s best behavior.

When it meets:

One session every week for six weeks. See registration form for schedule.

What it costs:

$600.00 per dog.

Who it's for (humans):
Everyone! No prior dog training experience is required and it’s perfect for children at least seven years old. Children must be supervised by a parent. One friend or family member may join you as an observer, to a maximum of two people per dog. Level II requires successful completion of Level I by the same human-dog pair.

Who it’s for (dogs):
Dogs must be at least five months old. Proof of current vaccinations is required. This Course is excellent for dogs who have already completed this or another obedience course and are ready to learn more. Dogs of all energy levels are welcome, as are dogs with minor behavioral issues – but no aggressive dogs, please.

What to Bring:
Yourself, in comfortable, casual clothes and sturdy footwear. Your dog, on a short leash. No flexi-leads or harnesses, please. And calm and assertive energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog sometimes growls at other dogs. May I bring her to this Course?
If your dog’s discomfort with other dogs has not escalated into fights or attacks, she is very welcome. The Course will help her learn better manners.
This is my first dog and he is a real handful. Is this Course right for us?
It’s perfect for you. No previous dog experience is required and you’ll learn proven training techniques that will help you and your dog find balance.
I’d really like my ten-year-old son to take this Course with our dog. Is this possible?
We’d be delighted to help your son begin to learn how to be a Pack Leader. Children over seven years of age are ideal for this Course, but must be supervised by a parent or guardian
I’ve done some basic training at home, so my dog knows some commands, but she definitely isn’t perfect. She does well around other dogs. Can I take this Course?
Yes, that’s exactly what this Course is about. You will polish the skills you’ve already learned and take them to the next level. Plus you’ll learn how to get your dog’s focus and get her to perform obedience commands outside of the home despite distractions.