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Bringing your dog to the Courses

It’s a dog’s dream – participating in interactive dog training activities with her human at Cesar Millan’s DPCs!

You can make that dream come true for your dog! Participation is governed by safety, space and other considerations. Because the Courses are not a dog rehabilitation program, every candidate dog is screened by Cesar's trainers before being approved to attend.

  • Before registering for a Course, please review its prerequisites and other information to be sure your dog is suitable.
  • Your dog must be spayed or neutered to attend the Courses. No exceptions, please.
  • No severely dog- or people-aggressive dogs will be permitted. Certain other behavior issues are also prohibited.
  • During registration, you will provide essential information about your dog. TCW trainers will review that information to ensure that the Course is appropriate for your dog (and your dog appropriate for the Course).
  • If your dog is approved for attendance, you must provide us with proof of current vaccinations and immunizations before you may attend.
  • If approved, you are wholly responsible for your dog’s care, supervision, safekeeping and behavior during the Course.
  • Misrepresentation of your dog’s suitability for participation in the Courses may result in dismissal from the program without a refund.

Thank you for understanding that we must provide the safest and most effective training programs for all participants.