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Agility Training I, II and III

All You Need to Know About Agility Training I, II and III

What is it?
Agility Training is a fun activity in which you direct your dog through an obstacle course. It promotes healthy exercise, improved obedience and provides a mental challenge for both you and your dog.

What you and your dog will learn:

In this beginning level course, you and your dog will learn verbal and hand signals for four basic agility obstacles. Your dog will learn stamina and focus by learning to complete two sets of these obstacles in a single run. You will learn basic obedience commands and how to lead your dog through the course.

When it meets:

One session every week for six weeks. See registration form for schedule.

What it costs:

$600.00 per dog.

Who it's for (humans):
Everyone seeking exercise and fun with their dog and capable of running short distances. No prior dog training experience is required. Children at least seven years old are welcome under the supervision of a parent. One friend or family member may join you as an observer, to a maximum of two people per dog. Higher levels requires completion of the immediately preceding level by the same human-dog pair.

Who it’s for (dogs):
Dogs must be at least five months old and capable of vigorous activity. Proof of current vaccinations is required. Dogs who are leash-aggressive to other dogs within four to five feet are not permitted.

What to Bring:
Yourself, in comfortable, casual clothes and sturdy footwear. Your dog on-leash, with a leather or nylon flat collar or harness (preferred). No choke chains or studded collars, please.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be doing in this Course?
Agility courses require human-dog teamwork – so you will lead, guide and encourage your dog through the course, running alongside her giving instructions and advice. This deepens your emotional bond and pays off in a more balanced relationship at home.
What type of obstacles will my dog encounter?
Depending upon your dog’s abilities and achievement, obstacles include tunnels, chutes, jumps, weave poles, A-frames and the dog-walk.
I don’t want to get involved with agility competitions. Is this Course for me?
Yes. While it can begin to prepare your dog for agility competitions, this Course is more about providing you with leadership skills to challenge your dog physically and mentally. It’s all about having fun with your dog.
My dog is timid, but I’d like him to participate. Is this a good idea?
Yes. Every dog learns at his own pace. Confident dogs may conquer obstacles with little help, while some timid dogs may take a few weeks of encouragement to overcome their reluctance. We ensure that your dog is always safe and enjoying the experience. This builds his confidence and willingness to challenge the obstacles.
Will you be offering intermediate and advanced Agility Courses?
Yes, depending upon the interest and attendance of the beginning Courses.